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Central Heating Poem Text

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Central Heating: Text of the Poem

A tiny light
You see a tiny light coming down landing on your stomach and lighting you up
—A woman stretches out like an ascending flare—
Over there in the corner a shadow is busy reading
Her bare unencumbered feet are much much too pretty

Short-circuit in the heart-system
Engine breakdown
What electromagnet is still keeping me running
My eyes and my love are both taking the same wrong road

A mere nothing
A spark they strike only to let it go out again sometime later
I've had enough of the wind
I've had enough of the sky
Essentially everything visible is artificial
Even your mouth
Despite the fact that I warm up wherever your hand touches me
The door is wide open but I refuse to enter
I see your face but lack all faith in it
You're so pale
One night when we were unhappy we sat down together on a trunk
Men were laughing somewhere off in the distance
Nearly naked children walked by now and then
Water flowed by in perfect purity
Copper wire conducts the light
The sun and your heart are compacted of the same substance

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