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Chiare Fresche et Dolci Acque Allusions

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Geographical References

  • The Sorgue and Fontaine-de-Vaucluse: We know from Petrarch's other writings (and because of his residence in Vaucluse) that he had a great love for the beautiful Sorgue River in the south of France. It is believed to be the body of water of "Clear, fresh and sweet waters" fame.
  • The Church of St. Claire, Avignon: Petrarch alludes to "the well-known place [...] where she first saw me" in lines 28 and 30. This is the Couvent de Sainte-Claire in Avignon, where they both grew up.

Historical References

  • Laura de Noves. This is the Laura. Though Petrarch doesn't mention her by name in this poem, he does use her first name elsewhere.

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