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Christabel Compassion and Forgiveness

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Compassion and Forgiveness

She had dreams all yesternight
Of her own betrothèd knight;
And she in the midnight wood will pray
For the weal of her lover that's far away. (27-30)

It would stand to reason that Christabel is a naturally compassionate person if she's concerned about someone she likely hasn't met yet.

Then Christabel stretched forth her hand,
And comforted fair Geraldine:
O well, bright dame! may you command
The service of Sir Leoline;
And gladly our stout chivalry
Will he send forth and friends withal
To guide and guard you safe and free
Home to your noble father's hall. (104-111)

Christabel is so warm-hearted that she never even questions Geraldine's story. On a related note, Christabel would make a terrible FBI agent.

O weary lady, Geraldine,
I pray you, drink this cordial wine!
It is a wine of virtuous powers;
My mother made it of wild flowers. (190-193)

Sir Leoline was probably saving that wine for a very special occasion, Christabel.

Sir Leoline, a moment's space,
Stood gazing on the damsel's face:
And the youthful Lord of Tryermaine
Came back upon his heart again. (427-430)

It's that moment in the Hallmark commercials where everyone goes "aww" and grabs a tissue—you know, if Hallmark commercials had witches and stuff.

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