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Circe's Power Power

By Louise Glück

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In "Circe's Power," we watch Circe assert her power as a sorceress in the face of losing the man she loves. She constantly reminds him of her magical power and all that she is capable of doing to him – including forcing him to stay with her as a prisoner. Circe is not only powerful because of her ability to practice magic, but also because she is immortal. She is more powerful than death, and yet she still fights to convince Odysseus (and the reader) of her power.

Questions About Power

  1. In the context of this poem, who has more power: Circe or Odysseus?
  2. Why do you think this poem is called "Circe's Power"? What specific power does this title refer to?
  3. Is Circe powerful at the end of this poem?
  4. What is Circe's relationship to power?

Chew on This

Love strips Circe of power.

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