Study Guide

Constantly Risking Absurdity Exploration

By Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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the poet like an acrobat
                          climbs on rime
                                  to a high wire of his own making (6-8)

You try climbing on rime. It's sure to get messy and scary. But then again, it's all your creation, so you might as well explore it while you can.

paces his way
                to the other side of day (11-12)

Now that's quite a journey. Imagine traveling to "the other side of day." Sure it's a metaphor, but it's also neat to imagine in a literal level. And if you ever do reach the other side, you know you've got Beauty waiting for you. Bonus!

where Beauty stands and waits
                                 with gravity (25-26)

This exploration isn't just your average cross-country trip equipped with cheap motels, dingy gas stations, and bed bugs. This one is cosmic and if one is willing to take the risk, chances are the rewards will be cosmic too.

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