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Dangerous Astronomy Summary

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Dangerous Astronomy Summary

The speaker tries to comfort his crying infant son and realizes he cannot. Uh oh, somebody call the parenting police. Luckily, the speaker's wife comes to the rescue.

As she feeds their son, the speaker realizes he's jealous of the love between his wife and son. Yikes! Not only is he unable to help out, but also then he gets envious of his own son. Who is a teeny tiny baby. This guy is not exactly a frontrunner for the world's best dad award, is he?

Fortunately, the speaker comes around emotionally and realizes he may have been wrong. The poem ends with the speaker addressing God and asking for forgiveness because he thought he was more important than the things he wanted to praise at the beginning of the poem. Hey, it's not easy being a parent, but somebody's got to do it.

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