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The Defence of Guenevere Lines 142-144

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Lines 142-144

"Nevertheless you, O Sir Gauwaine, lie,
Whatever happened on through all those years,
God knows I speak truth, saying that you lie.

  • Guenevere, as we can now call her, cuts off her story about the garden make-out episode to insist, once again, that Gauwaine's accusation is a lie.
  • She uses the same words she used back in lines 46-48.
  • She says that no matter what went on "through all those years," Gauwaine's accusation is a lie.
  • This seems strange – after all, she just admitted that she had kissed Launcelot, and that it was super awesome.  Does she mean that the kiss was all that happened?  Or that, even if she did sleep with Launcelot, it wasn't a crime?  If only we knew what Gauwaine had accused her of …

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