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The Defence of Guenevere Lines 214-220

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Lines 214-220

"Except a spout of blood on the hot land;
For it was hottest summer; and I know
I wonder'd how the fire, while I should stand,

"And burn, against the heat, would quiver so,
Yards above my head; thus these matters went;
Which things were only warnings of the woe

"That fell on me. [...]

  • Blood spurted out of Mellyagraunce onto the ground.
  • Guenevere remembers that it was summertime, so the ground was as hot as his blood.
  • But the heat reminds her of the fire in which Gauwaine and the others want to burn her as punishment for adultery.
  • She imagines the fire quivering in the summer heat, and she imagines that all of these things are warnings of more bad stuff to come.

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