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The Defence of Guenevere Lines 287-295

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Lines 287-295

She would not speak another word, but stood
Turn'd sideways; listening, like a man who hears

His brother's trumpet sounding through the wood
Of his foes' lances. She lean'd eagerly,
And gave a slight spring sometimes, as she could

At last hear something really; joyfully
Her cheek grew crimson, as the headlong speed
Of the roan charger drew all men to see,
The knight who came was Launcelot at good need.

  • She stops talking and the narrator picks up again.
  • He says Guenevere refuses to say anything else, but stands with her head turned as though she is listening for something.
  • Finally, she does hear something, and she blushes.
  • Everyone can see that the knight riding quickly up is Launcelot, arriving "at good need" – just in time to rescue her.

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