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Diving into the Wreck Setting

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The cool thing about this poem, is that you can imagine it in just about any setting you want. We think that this poem could be easily set in a cartoon world. Did you ever see Mary Poppins, where everything is normal until they jump though the sidewalk into another world?

Let us explain: when we slip down that ladder with the diver, we really do enter a different world. The setting needs to change completely. Immediately it takes on the feeling of a dream. The way things move, the way they appear and disappear, reminds us more of the rhythm of animation that of the real world. So maybe we don't mean Disney animation exactly, with all its happy fish and bubbly songs. The drawings would have to be dark and beautiful and a little scary. But there's something about the animation that taps into a different part of your brain. We could say that this is just like a documentary film, but there's something weirder, more personal and more amazing about it. A feeling you'd have to draw if you wanted to express it to people in pictures.

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