Canto VI

  • Don Juan goes to spend the night in a room dressed as a woman with all of the sultan's concubines and wives.
  • The moment they think they're out of male company, all the woman loosen up and act more freely. Most of their talk is about the newcomer (Don Juan in disguise). They think Gulbeyaz is crazy for buying a female slave who's more beautiful than her. Don Juan picks the name Juanna.
  • Many of the women want to sleep in the same bed as "Juanna," but ultimately it's a girl named Dudù who wins out. She undresses in front of Juanna and kisses her (him).
  • Dudù later wakes up yelling in the middle of the night. People ask what happened, and she says that she had a dream about being stung by a bee. Juanna looks like he's sound asleep next to her, although Byron hints that there might have been some funny business in the night.
  • The women say that Juanna should sleep somewhere else, but Dudù begs for her to stay.
  • The next day comes and everyone gets out of bed.
  • The sultan has to go to a meeting with his advisers to talk about the Russians, who've been threatening to invade recently.
  • Meanwhile, Gulbeyaz asks her servant how Don Juan spent the night. When she finds out DJ slept in the same bed as the beautiful Dudù, she gets really mad.
  • Gulbeyaz summons a boat and tells her servant to bring Don Juan and Dudù to her. It's clear that she wants to execute them out of jealousy. Her servant begs her not to, but she won't be convinced.

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