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Don Juan Canto XI

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Canto XI

  • Don Juan continues to think about how peaceful and nice England is. He thinks this right up until a mugger confronts him and demands his money. Don Juan doesn't understand English, but he quickly figures out what's happening and shoots the guy with a pistol.
  • DJ immediately regrets his hasty action and tries to help the dying mugger. The mugger gives a quick speech before dying (basically the gist is: "I'm dying").
  • DJ feels bad for a moment and then moves on with his entourage. He meets some English people and Byron makes some satirical comments about how passionless the English are.
  • Despite their blandness, the English still fawn over DJ and his beauty. They're especially envious of a huge diamond that Catherine the Great gave him as a parting gift.
  • Byron takes a moment to talk about all the great English poets who came before him. Notice here that Byron implies that he is also a great English poet.
  • Don Juan spends his days hanging out with English dignitaries and going to fancy garden parties.

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