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Don Juan Canto XII

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Canto XII

  • Byron goes on more rants about a number of things, including England's climate, politics, and people. He keeps bringing attention to the fact that he's digressing from his main plot, but then he just goes right back to digressing.
  • It's not long before many of the eligible young women in London start throwing themselves at Juan in hopes of marrying him.
  • Don Juan's first concern is to find a good tutor and babysitter for Leila, the little girl he saved from Russian troops back in Ismail. He has brought her with him to England. He eventually finds a woman named Lady Pinchbeck who seems like a good fit, even though there are rumors around town that she is a sexually immoral woman.
  • From here on out, there's not a whole lot of plot. Byron spends most of his time telling us what he thinks about high society, the institution of marriage, and the world in general.

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