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Don Juan Canto XIII

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Canto XIII

  • During his time in England, Don Juan starts spending a lot of time around an English noblewoman named Lady Adeline Amundeville and her husband Lord Henry. Henry doesn't like everyone he meets, but he likes Don Juan and tries to keep him around.
  • Before you know it, Don Juan is going to all kinds of events with Lord Henry.
  • Winter comes and goes.
  • Lord Henry and Lady Adeline decide to head to one of their country retreats the next summer season. There are all kinds of stories about it in the English newspapers (because what else are they going to write about, actual news?).
  • Lord Henry invites Don Juan to join him and Lady Adeline on the retreat. They're joined by a bunch of English aristocrats.
  • Lord Byron takes a moment to describe some of the funny characters who join the party, including a couple of English dudes named Strongbow and Longbow. We can't make this stuff up, folks. Ol' Byron could, of course.

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