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Don Juan Canto XV

By George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron Byron

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Canto XV

  • Byron talks about Lady Adeline's affection for Don Juan and then for some reason goes off about his own (Byron's) romantic life. He thinks he would have made a good husband if he weren't so scared of being tied down.
  • Adeline directly advises Juan to get married soon. Juan replies that he tends to be really into women who are already married. Is he giving Adeline a hint here?
  • One by one, Adeline suggests single women for Juan to marry. But he's not into any of them.
  • Adeline intentionally avoids mentioning a beautiful girl named Aurora, maybe because she's worried Juan will like her too much.
  • Unlike many women, Aurora isn't particularly attracted to Don Juan. This of course makes Don Juan attracted to her. But he never acts too interested, and this detachment actually makes Aurora a little interested in him over time because he's not like everyone else.

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