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Her Kind Summary

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Her Kind Summary

Think of this poem as a walk down memory lane – a rather dark, twisted, and not-so-pleasant memory lane. The speaker of this poem is remembering all the things that she has been in the past: a lonely witch, a clutter-obsessed cave dweller, and the victim of persecution. See? We told you that her path wasn't all sunshine and roses.

As she makes her way through all the things that she has been, however, we begin to figure out just why her life hasn't been as "normal" as it might have been. See, we only know a very few things about our speaker – but one of them is that she's a woman. And as we learn about her situation, we can only assume that her path has been determined, at least in part, by that fact.

Our speaker's not angry about the fact that she's a woman, however. In fact, it becomes the basis of her solidarity with all those folks out there who are outside the fold. As she reminds us (many, many times), she's one of their kind.

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