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I felt a Funeral, in my Brain Summary

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I felt a Funeral, in my Brain Summary

The speaker imagines that a funeral is taking place inside her brain, and she can feel the mourners pacing back and forth.

The mourners sit down, and the funeral service begins. Unfortunately, this service seems more like a performance of "Stomp" than a religious gathering. The drum-like beating of the service makes her think her mind is going numb.

The mourners lift the casket and walk across her "Soul" (10). For some reason, they are wearing heavy lead boots, which isn't very thoughtful of them.

At the end of the service, she feels as though a church bell were ringing inside her head. She imagines her mind as the entire universe. She feels like she is "Wrecked" (16) and alone except for Silence, her only companion.

The wooden floor of her mind – now called "Reason" (17) – suddenly breaks, and she falls a long way down. She keeps hitting "worlds" on the way down, and we're not sure what this means. Nor do we learn what's at the bottom of her "plunge" (19), because she "Finishe[s] knowing" (20) before she – and we – can find out. The poem ends on an ominous note.

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