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Introduction to Poetry Fun Imagery

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Fun Imagery

There is no denying that good times surface in the fifth stanza. People are having a great time, the sun is shining, there are burgers on the grill, the drinks are cold, that cutie you've had a crush on for the last year has just asked if they can share your beach blanket… Okay, we got a little carried away there. But the point is that the simple images of fun that Collins provides here invite us to use our imaginations and expand on the fun he provides.

  • Lines 9-11: Once we see that word "waterski" we can almost smell the sunscreen and hotdogs (add your own favorite grilled food scent). One word here brings us to a place of fun in our minds. We can see the sun on the blue water, feel the sun's warmth on our skin, feel the spray of the water as we…sorry, carried away again. We've been inside way too long.

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