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Meeting at Night Sound Check

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Sound Check

"Meeting at Night" sounds a lot like a voice in someone's head, almost like a monologue spoken by a main character in a movie that is slightly confusing. You have no idea, for example, what he means exactly because he just starts talking, but then again it would probably be really, really confusing if you were inside someone else's head.

Anyway, he just starts describing natural features, like out of nowhere and with no context: grey sea, black land, yellow moon, waves, slushy sand. After about five lines, though, you start to get an idea what he's doing: he's describing the setting of his late-night rendezvous.

After that, it starts to sound like he's making a to-do list, enumerating all the little things he has to do in order to make this meeting happen. It almost sounds as if he were saying: "Ah, let me see, I've gotta cross a mile of beach, then three fields, then listen to a little tap and watch for a match in order to make this deal go down."

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