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Meeting at Night Speaker

By Robert Browning

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The speaker of "Meeting at Night" is kind of a Romeo – passionate, slightly daring, always managing to fall for girls whose parents don't like him, but dating them despite all the odds. Yes, admirable that he follows his passions, but also risky, right?

Imagine it like this: In school one day, a friend of yours meets a girl, and he falls for her immediately. Well, her parents take one look at him, decide he's not good enough, and pretty soon he's talking about how he has to ride his bike three miles late at night through the neighborhoods to go see her (he has to wait until her parents go to bed). So, your friend and this girl can't really date publicly, so they have to carry on in secret like this. After a while it would get old don't you think? Your friend disagrees, telling you one day, "Yeah but I really like her. I mean, you should hear our hearts beating each to each."

Well, that's how we picture the speaker. How do you imagine him?

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