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my father moved through dooms of love Philosophical Viewpoints: Individualism

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Philosophical Viewpoints: Individualism

Cummings was a big believer in the power of individualism and was constantly talking smack about all the conformity he saw around him. His free-spirited attitude was not only clear in his unique style of poetry, but also in themes that the poems jammed on. The poem "my father moved through dooms of love" is a great example of this. In it, the speaker talks about how cool his father's individualistic spirit was, and also how his father inspired those around him to be fearless crusaders against conformity.

Questions About Philosophical Viewpoints: Individualism

  1. In what ways does the speaker describe the dangers of conformity?
  2. How do you think the speaker's father might've inspired others' individuality?
  3. Why do you think the speaker and his father value non-conformity so much? What was so great about it to them?

Chew on This

Cummings's individualistic spirit is totally apparent in his unique poetry style, in this poem as well as others. Rock on, E.E.

Because the speaker talks about how totes awesome his Father is for inspiring people to challenge conformity, it's clear that it's something that he really values as a person.

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