The speaker of "Ode to My Suit" imagines various death scenarios as he considers his suit. Will the two be shot by an enemy in a sudden spark of violence? Will he instead wear his suit into old age, dying slowly of illness? Whatever the method, pondering his suit has him pondering spending eternity buried in it. It's safe to say that death is on his mind.

Questions About Death

  1. Which "type" of death does the speaker call "simple?" Why might he consider it so? What is he comparing it to?
  2. Does the suit accompany the speaker in death?
  3. What imagery does Neruda use to explain his idea of death? How does his choice in imagery affect your reading experience? Does it change the tone of the poem?

Chew on This

Neruda calls one type of death "simple" and another "dramatic." This points to his views on death by violence.

It's easier to think about death if you imagine having a companion. Re-examining the suit allows Neruda to consider death in a less scary way.

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