Study Guide

A Route of Evanescence Speaker

By Emily Dickinson

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Our speaker seems to be something of a nature buff. In using terms like "Emerald" and "Cochineal"—terms that have specifically natural connotations—we know that she's something of a smarty-pants. She may even be a bit of a perfectionist, since she uses these extremely specific shades and colors instead of just the regular old color-words that you or I might use.

At the same time, however, the speaker is not a know-it-all, as nature seems to amuse, admire, and (importantly) bewilder her. She knows a lot about nature, but she also knows that she doesn't know a lot about nature. Still, that doesn't stop her from letting her mind wander off on an exploration of the natural world. Luckily for us, her mind lets us tag along!

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