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A Route of Evanescence Summary

By Emily Dickinson

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A Route of Evanescence Summary

The poem details how mesmerizing a hummingbird is during flight. The hummingbird moves so fast that its path is evanescent, or very quick to disappear. The speaker describes the hummingbird's wings as a wheel, a testament to just how quickly its wings flap. She also describes the bird's vivid colors, green and red.

Next, the speaker personifies the flowers, noting how they seem to move their heads when the hummingbird approaches. This may be because the hummingbird has approached so quickly that the wind from its wings caused the flowers to shake a little.

At the end of the poem, the speaker marvels that the bird is so physically amazing that it almost seems as if it came from Tunisia. But, while she stands in awe, this is just another ordinary day for the hummingbird.

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