Study Guide

Song of Myself Section 4

By Walt Whitman

Section 4

  • Having disposed of the "talkers," Whitman moves on to the "trippers and askers."
  • His days are filled with questions and other thoughts that "trip" him up. These are just normal social issues and worries, like the news and whether his friends like him.
  • These things are part of his (and everyone's life), but "they are not the Me myself."
  • "Me myself"? It seems we might have another character on our hands, like the "Soul."
  • The Me Myself is Whitman's most inner nature. This guy doesn't care about all these worldly concerns. He stands apart from them, looking on with curiosity.
  • Still, there were times when Whitman used to get involved in day-to-day concerns, when he used to argue and compete with people. But the Me Myself doesn't argue, he just observes.