Study Guide

Song of the Open Road Section 14

By Walt Whitman

Section 14

  • The speaker lets us know that the Soul is big on traveling. In fact, it does more traveling than the actual body does. The body does its work, but eventually it parts company with the Soul and the Soul just keeps on truckin'.
  • The Soul parts ways with more than just the body, though. It leaves behind everything: religion, government, and everything else on earth or any other planet.
  • Everything gets left behind "before the procession of Souls along the grand roads of the universe" (188). That sounds like one wild interstate.
  • All the other journeys in life prepare the Soul for this last trip.
  • All kinds of Souls make this voyage—in fact, it seems like every kind of Soul does.
  • The speaker doesn't know exactly where they're headed, but he's sure it's someplace great. Disneyland, maybe?

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