Chapter 10

  • This chapter kicks off by asking us a bunch of questions.
  • We're guessing the TTC is just trying to make us think and is not actually asking our advice.
  • So with that in mind, here are some deep questions to get lost in:
  • Is it possible to be totally at one with everything and never stray from that oneness?
  • If we concentrate our energy and find total relaxation, can we be as simple as babies again? (Hopefully, not too baby-like, or else we'd need diapers...)
  • If we don't get all wrapped up in the world, will we be clean of imperfections?
  • By loving the people we rule, can we rule without manipulating them?
  • Can we keep our minds peaceful while still actively processing the world around us?
  • The chapter ends by defining something called the "Mystic Virtue," which is basically the ability to help and teach those around you without being all full of yourself about it.

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