Study Guide

Tao Te Ching Chapter 27

By Lao Tzu

Chapter 27

  • We're told that good travelers don't leave tracks.
  • This is probably a metaphor for the way those who are with the Tao go through life humbly, without raising a bunch of fuss about it.
  • We're also told that good speech doesn't seek faults, which could mean that it's useless to spend all your time criticizing other people.
  • The sages don't abandon anyone, says the TTC.
  • They don't abandon things either, and all this non-abandonment is called enlightenment.
  • This stuff is probably not meant literally.
  • We doubt the sages took everybody they ever met with them everywhere they went. (Talk about a crowd.)
  • We also doubt the sages carried everything they ever came into contact with along with them; that would make them all hoarders, which doesn't seem all that sage-like to us.
  • Instead, these lines probably mean that the sages learned from everything and everyone.
  • The next lines support this idea, saying you can learn from good people and bad people too.
  • Good people who don't realize that they can learn from bad people are destined to be confused.

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