Chapter 28

  • This one gives us a laundry list of advice.
  • We've got to be in touch with both our masculine and feminine sides, the TTC tells us.
  • On that note, we've got to be the "watercourse of the world" (28.2).
  • That's the place where the energy of everything meets.
  • As we have been in other chapters, we're next advised to try to be like babies, who exist in a simple, open state.
  • We're to hold onto the white and the black, both sides of the Tao that are represented by the yin-yang. (Fess up: you know at least one person with a yin-yang tattoo, don't you?)
  • We also have to be honorable and humble.
  • Repeating another image from earlier, the TTC tells us we need to be simple like plain wood.
  • The TTC points out that when plain wood splits it can be made into tools.
  • We figure this is a metaphor for the way a person who finds simplicity can make themselves useful.
  • According to the TTC, sages can use their simplicity to be leaders and unite the greater whole.

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