Chapter 59

  • Whether you're governing people or serving Heaven, it's best to conserve your energy.
  • Be moderate and give yourself over to the Tao, and you'll steadily accumulate virtue.
  • If you do these things, there's nothing you can't overcome.
  • You'll know no limits.
  • When you have a firm spiritual foundation in the Tao, you'll be everlasting.
  • Hm... what could that last statement mean?
  • If everything eventually fades within the Tao, how can we be everlasting?
  • Could it mean that we live on in the positive relationships that we build with other people?
  • Or is it that by recognizing and accepting that we're part of an eternal flow, we also recognize that the substance we're made of is immortal?
  • Our consciences might fade back into non-being, but everything we're made of continues in the Tao.

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