Study Guide

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Chorus

By William Blake

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  • The final section, "Chorus," is short and sweet.
  • The speaker calls for three things to happen:
  • Thing 1: "the Priests of the Raven of Dawn" should curse with horse voices the "Sons of Joy" (10.1). In other words, the forces of conventional religion (the priests) should mock the new revolutionaries, but in in vain.
  • Thing 2: Tyrants should no longer be able to set borders or roofs on anything.
  • Thing 3: Religious figures should stop calling people virgins if they have sexual urges, but just choose not to act on them.
  • In other words: down with all your repression, man.
  • Still, the speaker ends on a positive: "Everything that lives is holy" (10.2). He celebrates all creation, not just the people that follow religious rules.
  • And with those famous last words, our speaker's tale is finished.

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