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The Mind Is an Enchanting Thing Awe and Amazement

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Awe and Amazement

is an enchanted thing (1)

The first thing we're told is that the mind is an intriguing, delightful thing—definitely a good jumping-off place for awe and amazement. We mean, imagine if this said, "the mind is boring as all get out."

Like Gieseking playing Scarlatti; (6)

Once we find out who these music men are, we see that they're the best of the best, which means they're definitely deserving of some serious awe and amazement. Oh, and applause.

It has memory's ear
that can hear without
having to hear. (13-15)

Hello superpowers! The mind is capable of things nothing else is. Now that's amazing.

truly unequivocal (17)

Here's where Moore hammers home the awesomeness of the mind—there's absolutely no doubt about it, she's saying here. The mind is the cat's meow.

it is a power of
strong enchantment (19-20)

Now we're revisiting the enchantment thing. First we had "enchanting" (in the title), then moved to "enchanted," and now "enchantment." Moore is using all the forms of the word to demonstrate as clearly as possible the mind's power to delight.

It tears off the veil; tears
the temptation, the
mist the heart wears, (25-27)

Here's another example of the power of the mind. It's more powerful and reliable than the heart. We think the heart's gonna put up a fight on this one, but we're willing to side with Moore for the time being.

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