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This Is Just To Say Summary

By William Carlos Williams

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This Is Just To Say Summary

We start out with the title of this poem, which could be telling us that this poem is written for no other reason than to say exactly what it says. Deep, right?

And what it says is that the speaker ate the plums, which he thinks "you," someone who, we can guess, lives with the speaker, was saving for breakfast. If we were this "you" and our speaker were our roomie, well, you can bet Shmoop would be a little peeved. We love us some plums.

He asks for the person's forgiveness. But hey, he just couldn't resist. The plums were really yummy—sweet and cold. They were, he told us earlier, in the icebox, just waiting to be devoured.

Of course we'll find out as we go if this poem is really "just to say" or something more.

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