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Upon Julia's Clothes Speaker

By Robert Herrick

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This speaker has got it bad. We mean, he's head over heels, primetime in love with Julia… 's clothes. How do we know? Well for one thing, he can't stop talking about them. And for another, he thinks they flow "sweetly" (2) and glitter (6). She must have one awesome tailor.

But we're thinking it's not really the clothes he's into. Shmoop bets that it's the girl underneath them he's after, and the clothes just happen to look spectacular because the woman wearing them is so appealing. After all, he calls her "my Julia." He must know a bit more about her than just the fact that she wears silks.

In any case, this guy has an ear for description (have you ever heard anything lovelier than the phrase "brave vibration each way free"?), and an eye for his girl. He's seeing stars in Julia's clothes because his major crush makes him starry-eyed in the first place.

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