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Where the Sidewalk Ends Speaker

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Unfortunately we don't know a single personal detail about our speaker. But by reading his lines, we can hazard some guesses about our guy. Maybe he's a father, maybe an uncle, maybe a teacher, or maybe he's even a kid himself. To be fair, he could also not be a guy at all – we just don't know!

In any case, he has somehow figured out that kids know best. And we're willing to bet he's sick of working hard and being trapped in a world with black smoke and asphalt. He's totally ready for some peppermint wind. Either way, we'll gladly take him as our guide to the place where our imagination stretches the realm of the possible nice and wide.

And one thing's totally for sure: our speaker is a whimsical soul. He has a wild imagination and wants everyone else to join him in wandering the world of the mind, the world that can rescue us from all the ugly troubles of our lives. He'll take us from the city street to a magical world where everything seems much more pleasant.

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