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Women What's Up With the Title?

By Louise Bogan

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What's Up With the Title?

"Women," says our speaker. "Can't live with 'em, so…I might as well write a poem about all the ways in which they fail at life." Our title essentially announces the target of this poem. Every stanza gives us a new take on how women could do better: having a more adventurous spirit, more fully seeing and hearing the world around them, not wasting their energy with unnoticed kindnesses, etc.

This title also lets us know that, as readers, we're going to be reading someone who's breaking out their broad brush. "Women" isn't about one or two people; it's about all women everywhere. Our speaker seems comfortable lumping them all into the same category. And, according to her, that category falls under "People Who are No Good at Life."

So what's up with this speaker that she can make such sweeping criticisms? Check out "Speaker" for more.

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