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Women Summary

By Louise Bogan

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Women Summary

Our speaker is talking about…women. So, the title checks out. She claims that women lack "wilderness" and that they're "content […]/ To eat dusty bread" (1-4). Ew. They also have some sensory challenges, apparently. They can't see cows munching on winter grass and they can't hear snow water running.

Women pretty much do everything wrong, according to our speaker. They stick around when they should be traveling. They straighten up when they should bend. They even use their own good natures "against themselves" (11). They can't get their head around crops or woodcutting. Even their love is meaningless.

Finally, whispers sound like shouts to them. Our speaker says that women should probably just let life pass them by. And…well, that's the end of this address, delivered by the least motivational speaker ever.

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