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I chose to use Shmoop to get my ears wet, and I'm really enjoying your site. [...] I appreciate Shmoop for providing the opportunity to help me achieve my objective.


Facilities Manager and Student

I used the practice tests which helped a lot [...] and the drills [...] were really helpful in practicing specific skills. I liked how the questions were more focused than other prep guides and the answers explained not only the answer but the entire concept.



I used Shmoop in my ACT Prep Class and it definitely helped! Shmoop made me realize what I knew and what I needed to work on, and it helped me work on them with the little quizzes. I honestly don't know what I would have done if I didn't use Shmoop.



I definitely think Shmoop improved my score! Shmoop's practice tests related closely to the actual version and Shmoop's thorough explanations behind an answer really gave me a better understanding of the material I didn't understand. Thanks, Shmoop!

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