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Teaching guides

Ramp up your pedagogical verve with Shmoop's teaching guides. Designed to take the planning out of lesson plans, our robust teaching guides will help you challenge students in a relatable way.

A Digital Curriculum

Classroom courses

It’s difficult for one amazing person (that’s you!) to differentiate instruction for every single student . Supplement your curriculum and let Shmoop do some of the legwork.

Tools for teach'

It's a bit of teacher heaven (minus the free coffee). Our free teaching resources cover everything—from hot-button items to dealing with parents!

Video library

Quick clips for every subject you’ll need that actually engage students.

Online courses

Readings, activities, and grading rubrics, oh my!

Teaching guides

Supplement your lesson plan with our insider tips and tricks.

LMS integration

We’ve already moved in and are looking at fabric swatches.

Fits your needs

Shmoop for homeschool

Looking for a way to streamline your curriculum in a fun but meaningful way? Let Shmoop help! Tap into customizable materials that will fill you and your students’ needs.

For students

Guided learning and fresh materials that won’t leave you snoring

For teachers

Structured to fit into your idea of what education should be

And there’s more!

Teaching resources

Lose the snooze in your classroom with Shmoop’s teacher resources.

Teaching guides

We've got your lesson plans covered. Personalize your classroom with Shmoop's online teaching guides, complete with quizzes, discussion topics, and activity ideas.

Encyclopedia of Teaching

Tap into the nitty gritty of every topic related to education, including tips to address those awkward parent-teacher conferences.

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