ACT Math 2.2 Elementary Algebra

Elementary Algebra Drill 2: Problem 2. Can you find the product?

ACT MathElementary Algebra
ACT MathematicsElementary Algebra
Elementary AlgebraFactoring polynomials
Understanding algebraic operations
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Mathematics and Statistics AssessmentQuadratic and Other Polynomial Expressions, and Functions
Number and QuantityPerform arithmetic operations with complex numbers
Use complex numbers in polynomial identities and equations
PolynomialsFactoring Polynomials
Multiplying Polynomials
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Okay, here we go, 4a times 3a is 12a squared plus 3ab plus 4ab, which is 7ab plus b


times b which is b squared.


So the answer is 12a squared plus 7ab plus b squared.


Boom there we go. The Answer is B.