ACT Math 2.2 Intermediate Algebra

ACT Math Intermediate Algebra Drill 2, Problem 2. How else can the expression be written?

ACT MathIntermediate Algebra
ACT MathematicsIntermediate Algebra
AlgebraSquare Roots
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Intermediate AlgebraRadical and rational expressions
Rational, radical, and logarithmic expressions
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Number and QuantityUse properties of rational and irrational numbers
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If so, then we have square root of 5 times the quantity square root of 5 plus 1 over


square root of 5 times square root of 5 which is... 5.


When we multiply, we have another square root of 5 times square root of 5 up here... then


1 times square root of 5 is just square root of 5... all over 5.


Answer: B.