Math 3: Scaling

We love maps, but don't expect us to start singing about them or our backpacks or anything. This isn't that kind of thing.

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which fun fact is one of the main ideas behind maps while we might get lost in a


huge city a map of the city gives us a much smaller representation of it that [a distressed boy looking at a map of the city]


we can hold in our hand and figure out where we're going oh and word to the wise


most city maps don't tell you where all the piles of garbage are so you [a big pile of garbage in a park]


still need to watch where you're going we can see how this works if we take a


look at a map of this park the first thing will probably notice is that the


maps way smaller the actual park this allows us to see where stuff is at a [lots of people walking and playing in a park]


glance instead of having to run all over the park just to find out where the


benches are will also notice that all the real life objects in the park are


[a big turning windmill in a park] shown in the map just smaller for example see that long narrow trail that


runs all the way through the park the map includes a smaller similar shape so


then the people know hey this park has a long narrow trail in it and although the [people walking down a narrow paved trail in a park]


map is pretty nifty we'd recommend jogging the real trail if you want to


get some exercise it's hard to get your heart rate up if you only jog the half [a child in their bedroom jogging]


second it takes to get across the map another thing we notice is that the map


shows the relative sizes of different real-world objects take a look at these


pools in the park one pool is really big well the other is a much smaller kiddie [birds eye view of two different sized swimming pools]


pool and wouldn't you know it our map also contains two pools a big one and a


much smaller one which one you decide to swim in well that's up to you but [young girl falling in a swimming pool backwards]


remember use the real thing you'd look pretty silly trying to swim on the map