Math 5: Coordinate Plane, Continued

Attention: you are about to receive a vitally important set of coordinates. They will lead you to a pizzeria, where you will find a woman in a long jacket. This message will self destruct in five seconds.

5th GradeMath
Elementary and Middle School5th Grade
LanguageEnglish Language



Addy turns her eyes to where Miss Cleaver stands besides an overhead [Annie turning to look at Miss Cleaver at the front of the classroom beside an overhead projector]


projector give her a break Miss Cleaver is as old as dinosaurs she just never


got the hang of that newfangled powerpoint thing Addy watches and Miss


Cleaver projects a map of the neighborhood onto the screen the map [Miss Cleaver projecting an image of a map on the screen]


shows all the houses the park and the pizzeria she doesn't really like the pizza all


that much but she does like the chocolate chip cookie pizza her mom [Addy sat at the table with a chocolate chip cookie pizza]


lets her get if she finishes her dinner Addy screams Miss Cleaver are you listening?


er yeah mumbles Addy Miss Cleaver says then tell us where the pizzeria is on the map


Addy's like um to the right like in the corner or something I don't know [Addy telling Miss Cleaver where the pizzeria is on the map]


just look at your projector thing or whatever Miss Cleaver points out to the


class how hard it is for Addy to explain exactly where the pizzeria is and


[Addy sat in her chair picking her nose] not only because Addy wasn't really paying attention Miss Cleaver tells the


class there's a more efficient way to do things and there's nothing Miss Cleaver


loves more than efficiency except making her Labradoodle cheddar to show what she [Miss Cleaver with her labradoodle cheddar]


means miss cleaver whips out a transparency and places it over the map


then she takes a ruler and draws an x and y axis over the map and she even


numbers each axis this creates what's called a coordinate system Miss Cleaver [Miss Cleaver drawing a line for the x and y axis on the map]


shows how easy it is to find the pizzerias exact coordinates she counts


over two units on the horizontal x-axis until her finger is underneath the [Miss Cleaver counting 2 units with her hand on the x axis]


pizzeria then she counts up vertically through six units on the y-axis and lands on


the pizzeria and so says Miss Cleaver this means that the pizzeria is at 2,6. 2 [image of the coordinate system with the pizzeria at coordinates 2, 6]


on the x-axis and six on the y-axis she asked if anyone has any questions


Addy raises a hand and asked Miss Cleaver if she preferred dog face or


puking rainbows oh Addy never change [Miss Cleaver snatching Addy's phone off her]