Principles of Finance: Unit 1, Company Formation, Structure, Inception

How is a company... born? Can it be performed via C-section? Is there a midwife present? Do its parents get in a fight over what to name it? In this unit, we'll get into the nitty-gritty with regard to the formation, structure and inception of a fledgling company. You may not be raising an actual baby, but you will be raising funds. Let's hope they have their mother's cheekbones.

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that baby in your garage. by the way the garage has heating so don't worry. are


the company slash babies food in this case is money. you raising funding in


various ways. you have partners cohorts bankers investors employees and [definitions]


customers. they all focus on different things and in this lesson we'll review


how you form your company and its staff from every perspective. after all maybe


you're bouncing baby company starts as a sole proprietorship and then evolves to [baby with brief case on it's head]


a limited liability corporation, only then to upgrade to being a C or an S


corporation. lost well don't worry we'll give you the details on all of these [man in front of whiteboard]


legal vehicles of no diaper-changing required.