SAT Reading Drill 5.3 Understanding relationships

Mark Twain doesn't like an apprentice. Find out why when you watch this SAT Reading video.

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Understanding relationships
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Reading closelyUnderstanding relationships
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chain on an ignorant watch yeah I just didn't know how to tell time except for


twice a day well he's not a big fan of all the hoopla it's this kind of [man shaking watch]


annoying showy demeanor that bugs Twain the most and the majority of Twain's


insults are about the boys exaggeration and dress instead of a lack of talent or [text on screen]


good luck so get rid of a and D actually went Wayne does say the boy acted [close up of man's face]


against church teachings but it sounds like that was a deliberate life choice


that wasn't rooted in ignorance so there you have it your answer [man smoking]