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Acquainted with the Night

Acquainted with the Night


by Robert Frost

Acquainted with the Night Analysis

Symbols, Imagery, Wordplay

Welcome to the land of symbols, imagery, and wordplay. Before you travel any further, please know that there may be some thorny academic terminology ahead. Never fear, Shmoop is here. Check out our...

Form and Meter

This poem is written in terza rima, a form first used by the Italian poet Dante Alighieri in The Divine Comedy. The poem is written in three-line stanzas, which are linked by a rhyme scheme that go...


The speaker of this poem is a pretty lonely guy. We don't know why he walks around so much at night. He doesn't look at the watchman when he passes him, so maybe he's up to no good. But then again,...


This poem is set in a sad and lonely city on a sad and lonely night. In fact, even the streets are sad. Oh yeah, it's also raining.This could be any city in New England, where Frost spent most of h...

Sound Check

Just like good classical music or jazz can make you feel lonely or happy without any words, we bet that someone who had never heard English before would feel this poem's loneliness and darkness.Whi...

What's Up With the Title?

We hear the phrase "acquainted with the night" three times in this poem – and it's in the three most important places: the title, the first line, and the last line. OK, Frost, we get it ̵...

Calling Card

Even though Frost doesn't stick to one poetic form, his poems always pay close attention to rhythm and rhyme. He doesn't always use end rhymes, but his lines are full of interesting sounds. There's...


Sometimes the way that the sentences are twisted to match the rhythm of this poem makes it a little hard to follow, and the whole "luminary clock" being the moon thing is tricky, but overall the po...

Brain Snacks

Sex Rating

The title "Acquainted with the Night" could have led to a sexy poem. However, the speaker doesn't think about much beside the city and sky around him.

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