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Your Field Guide to Spotting Artemis (Diana)

If you're looking for Artemis, it's best to search in the woods. Being the goddess of the wilderness, she's way more at home out in the forests than in the palaces of Mount Olympus. Since she's also the goddess of the hunt, you'll usually find her prowling for game with her bow and arrows, a pack of hounds, and a flock of her nymph friends fluttering around her. You have to be really careful if you bump into Artemis and her friends, though. Sometimes they like to skinny dip in woodland pools, and if you accidentally stumble on them while they're naked, you probably won't make it out of the woods alive. Artemis and her followers are all sworn virgins, and they don't deal well with anybody ogling them when they don't have any clothes on. So be warned: Artemis is beautiful and she can be very kind, but just like the wilderness she loves, she's wild at heart.

Physical Description

Sex: Female
Age: Late teens or early twenties
Build: Muscular
Complexion: Pale
Hair Color: Blonde or light brown
Facial Hair: None
Scars/Marks/Tattoos: None
Jewelry and Accessories: A little crown with a crescent moon
Clothing: Robes
Armor: Nah
Type of Weapon: Bow and arrows

Typical Companions

  • Virginal nymphs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Her twin brother Apollo
  • Pan, another nature god

Known Hangouts

  • The Woods
  • Hunting Lodges
  • The Moon

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