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Basic Algebra RESOURCES


Algebra Vocabulary

Practice your algebraic vocabulary skills.

Pac Math

This old-school Pac Man game practices combining like terms, substitution, and the distributive property.

Writing Algebraic Equations

Translating algebraic expressions into words can be tricky. Use these for extra practice.

Dynamic Paper

Use this dynamic paper to create and print graph paper just right for your algebra needs.

Billy Bug

This game is nice for those of you who need a little more practice plotting points.

Line Gem 1

Use this simple game to practice graphing lines starting with simple ones and gradually increasing to harder ones.

Line of Best Fit

Although this line-of-best-fit application can be used for statistics, it is also a good way to explore graphing lines.

Karappan Poochi: Algebra vs. The Cockroaches

Working on graphing lines in slope-intercept form? This fun game will help with that.


Having trouble with Question #1 on Quiz #1? Try this.

Spotting Numbers Problems

Working on patterns? Try this application with three different dot patterns.

Stop that Creature!

Find patterns in this function machine to stop the creature. This is a good example of how patterns lead to equations.


This mixture application is best for students working with more advanced pre-algebra concepts. It is a great introduction to mixture problems.

Grade Seven Problems

Need to work on algebraic word problems? Try these.

Pan Balance - Numbers

This balance-scale tool allows you to enter two different numerical expressions and explore their equivalency. It does not input variables.

Pan Balance - Shapes

This balance-scale tool explores the relationships between different shapes. It’s a great application to being exploring algebraic relationships.

Algebra Balance Scales

This balance scale allows the input of variables too. It also helps solve the equation step by step.

Variable Math

See how many one or two-step equations you can solve in one minute.

Rags to Riches

With this simple game you can practice solving basic equations and equations with variables on both sides.

Guess the Number

This game helps practice translating verbal expressions into algebraic ones and then solving for the missing number. Try the harder levels that use all operations and negative numbers too.

Algebra Puzzle

This fun puzzle will get you thinking about solving systems of equations with three variables. However, it is presented in a way pre-algebra students can understand.

Algebra Four

Did you like playing Connect Four as a kid? Try is again by first solving algebraic equations.

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