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Navy Seal

The Real Poop

Should you be afraid of seals, and if so, which ones? Well, trained seals bark while balancing beach balls on their snouts. Navy SEALs attack with precision and deadly force against the most dastardly enemies of the United States. Just ask Osama Bin Laden. Never mind…he won’t answer (he's been "Sealed" and delivered to the bottom of the sea).

Every boy imagines himself a hero, and has probably played out scenarios in his head a thousand times, or has become a commando in any variety of video games. But that won't get him past the application window.

You ain't goin' nowhere, bub.

If you are extraordinarily brave, physically (but, more importantly, mentally) tough, highly disciplined, super motivated, and have inside you a spirit that never gives up and cares about others more than yourself, you can aspire to be among the elite of the elite. Not just in the Navy, not just in the U.S. Military, but in the whole world of fighting forces.

Two-thirds of the world is water. Our Navy's job is to protect our country at home and abroad by manning the seas. It's a huge job in a vast ocean of danger and opportunity.

Does Neptune call to you in dreams? Do endless waves and foreign ports excite your imagination? Does serving your country make your heart swell with pride? Does free, on-the-job training and fully paid college tuition when you leave the force make your wallet swell with cash?

All right, ye swab, to be a SEAL…you first must join the Navy!

There are hundreds of jobs in the Navy, but you want one that calls for extreme courage and capability under fire. In order to get in you have to survive the toughest training in the world, culminating in what is referred to as "hell week." Only 1 in 20 make it through training. Your odds aren't much better than if you've been selected to compete in The Hunger Games.

Here is your job description. Read it carefully. "Neutralizing threats. Defusing bombs. Doing anything from rescuing people in distress to salvaging vital equipment from treacherous depths. The SEALs take on the most impossible missions and the most elusive targets."

THIS IS NOT A VIDEO GAME, DREAMER. It is reality warfare. Life and death. No safety checkpoints where you can die and come immediately back to life. Are you ready to qualify?

SEa Air & Land = SEAL. You are not just a Navy sailor, you're Air Force and Army combined with Navy…whatever it takes, you've got to bring it. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is nearly impossible. You are to fly by night into a hostile, nuclear-armed country that strictly forbids your entrance, and then into the secret compound of the person responsible for planning and executing the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. that killed 3,000 people and launched two major wars. You must land and enter the compound and make it past all of the guards and barriers of the most notorious terrorist in the world, and either capture or kill him and then leave that country without being detected. And you're not allowed to bring in Jack Bauer to cover you.

He doesn't look as scary when signing autographs.

Do you have any idea what might await you on this mission? But here's the thing...you have been trained for just such missions and your brother SEALs have your back just as you have theirs. There is no better cover.

How's this for a motto: "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday." So if you want to SEAL the deal and take on a Hard Tomorrow, learn everything you can about what it takes to become an elite SEAL. Look deep within to find the fire you'll need to fuel this journey. We salute you if you try. Anchors away!