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Your Field Guide to Spotting Cerberus

Um, you're looking for Cerberus? You do know that he's a three-headed hellhound with lion claws and a mane of snakes, right? Okay, well as long as you're clear on that. You'll find Cerberus down in the Underworld—he belongs to Hades, Lord of the Dead, so where else would he be? He's usually prowling around the mouth of the River Acheron, the River Styx, or he's at the Gates of Hades where he makes sure that no spirits of the dead try to take a vacation in the land of the living. He isn't real keen on visitors, so we suggest you either learn to play him a sweet song to calm him down or bring him a honey cake—his favorite doggy treat. You seriously need to have some kind of plan for charming this pooch, or you might just end up making the Land of the Dead your permanent home.

Sex: Male
Age: Prime of his immortal doggy life
Build: Super muscular
Complexion: Furry
Hair Color: Black and brown (covers entire body… also known as fur)
Facial Hair: Black and brown (see above)
Scars/marks/tattoos: Tons of battle scars
Jewelry and accessories: Nah, unless you count his mane of snakes
Clothing: No way, not even on Halloween
Armor: No need
Type of Weapon: Three heads full of teeth; lion's claws; venom (from the mane of snakes); may or may not breathe fire

Typical Companions:

Hades (everybody else is afraid of him—not Cerberus)

Known Hangouts: 

The River Styx
The River Acheron
The Gates of Hades
The Underworld Doggy Park

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